Calculate your own energy efficiency with the BFRC Calculator

The BFRC Window Energy Ratings (WER) Calculator is typically accurate to plus or minus one energy index point and provides an extremely cost-effective and quick method for the glazing industry to process new and amend existing BFRC WER licences. It is regularly updated to maintain accuracy.

By using the BFRC WER Calculator existing SEL licence holders can add products with varying insulating glass unit components to their portfolio of licences. Just email or present the print out of the calculation of WER performance to BFRC and new or revised licences can be issued.

It is exclusively for the use of registered Systems Houses, fabricators and Insulated Glass Unit manufacturers.

Contact BFRC by phone or email to submit calculations or for further information.

T: 020 7403 9200E:


If your business has not yet received training on how to best use the Calculator please contact BFRC to arrange this.

BFRC Window Energy Ratings Calculator

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