BFRC Authorised Retailer Scheme

What is the BFRC Authorised Retailer Scheme?

The scheme is aimed at controlled expansion in a marketplace which is heading in the direction of Window Energy Ratings being used to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations. It brings into the scheme Retailers/Installers who have no wish to become Licence Holders in their own right but wish to participate in the selling of Energy Rated Windows and in particular wish to be associated with BFRC.

Who can become an Authorised Retailer?

Any customer of a BFRC ‘Licence Holder’ wishing to retail BFRC rated products to consumers becomes an Authorised Retailer by;

  • Purchasing completed product
  • Purchasing frames from the licence holder and sourcing the `appropriate IGU independently

Existing clients of BFRC ‘Licence Holders’ will be able to continue to offer BFRC rated products in the same fashion as they do currently i.e. trade clients will not be forced to become ARs, however the following restrictions will apply;

  • Licence holders can not supply unglazed BFRC rated windows to their trade clients. (The licence holder must have control over the specification and supply of IGU’s)
  • These windows may also display the licence holders BFRC rating certificate
  • The trade client can advertise the fact that they have BFRC rated products, however they can not use the BFRC logo or the Energy Window certificate
  • The trade client has no listing on the BFRC website.
  • The trade client can only display the BFRC marks via the licence holders sales / promotional literature.

Benefits of Authorised Retailer status

There are many benefits available to the Authorised Retailer. In addition to having a BFRC certificate displaying the companies’ name, the AR will be able to demonstrate compliance with part L of the Building Regulations by registering the BFRC rated product using the FENSA registration scheme. A number of the key benefits are listed below;

  • The Authorised retailer will have a BFRC 'Energy Window' certificate in their own name
  • The Authorised Retailer will be listed on the BFRC website
  • They will be permitted to use the BFRC marks
  • They will have access to the BFRC Marketing tool kit.
  • They will be able to register installations using the FENSA WER method.
  • The Authorised Retailer will be able to source IGU’s independently (providing the licence holder is in agreement) Note: Independently sourced IGU’s will need to be of an identical specification as those supplied by the Licence holder. (Please note: Certificate of Addition Scheme and substitution criteria)

Please click here to download an 'Authorised Retailer Scheme' application form.