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Find out all you need to know about Energy Efficient windows & doors and how they can reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions.


Find an Authorised Supplier of Energy Efficient Windows and Energy Efficient Doors

BFRC Authorised Installers and manufacturers are periodically inspected by BFRC to ensure they are supplying the correctly rated product.​​ For the best results when installing energy efficient windows and energy efficient doors always use BFRC rated products.

Company Name: Window Designs Ltd
Address: Fort Road
East Sussex
BN22 7SE
Telephone: 01323 639052
Fax: 01323 411137
Email Address: sales@windowdesigns.co.uk
Location: View Map


BFRC Cert Number Frame Material Product Product Type BFRC Rating Index BFRC Rating Band
3232 PVC-U Eurocell ‘A’ Rate Window 0.00 A
4106 PVC-U Vertical Sliding ‘A’ Rated Window 0.00 A
4107 PVC-U Vertical Sliding ‘B’ Rated Window 0.00 B
4402 PVC-U A+ Rated Window 0.00 A+
4467 PVC-U Eurocell 'A+' Rate Window 0.00 A+
4945 PVC-U A++ Rated Window 0.00 A++
D1644 PVC-U Eurocell A Rated Door 0.00 A
D1649 PVC-U Aspect A Rated Door 0.00 A


Contact Us
Newspaper House
40 Rushworth Street
London SE1 0RB
020 7403 9200


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