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by BFRC | Apr 14, 2015
BFRC licence holders are reminded that suppliers of their sealed units have a legal obligation to comply with BS EN 1279 Glass in Buildings: Insulating Glass Units.

This is not a new requirement.  Since the 1st July 2013 it has been mandatory for sealed unit manufacturers to meet the requirement of the Construction Products Regulation (2013) and subsequent CE Marking.

It is a legal requirement for unit manufacturers to declare the performance of their products.  As such your sealed unit supplier should be able to provide you with documentary evidence to confirm the product has been tested appropriately.  All sealed units must meet the requirements of part 2 of BS En 1279.  However, if you are purchasing gas filled sealed units, your supplier must be able to demonstrate that they have passed BS EN 1279 part 3.

It is not acceptable to claim the sealed unit complies with BS EN 1279 when it is undergoing test, as the outcome of the test is unknown.  As the supplier of the window you have a responsibility to ensure that the IGU’s used within your windows comply.

For more information please contact BFRC direct:-

020 7403 9200  / enquiries@bfrc.org

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