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Delivering a streamlined service for our customers

by James Gilbert | Jul 10, 2018
Earlier this year we implemented a new custom-made management system aimed at streamlining the service we provide to our customers.
bfrc streamlined service

We're happy to report that BFRC customers are already seeing service level improvements - receiving instant notifications of product scope updates and benefiting from enhanced reporting. Indeed the successful implementation has resulted in improved internal efficiency and a quick turnaround for all applicants.

As the premier UK authority for independently verified ratings of energy efficient windows and doors, we continuously strive to enhance the BFRC customer journey.

Lis Clarke, BFRC Operations Director said, “Providing exceptional customer service and the best customer experience is at the core of our values. I am delighted to see that our customers are already benefiting from up to a 70% reduction in processing times, due to the new measures we have introduced."

Fellow GGF Group company Borough IT worked alongside us to help redesign our management system to ensure it meets our current and future business needs.

Lis concluded: "These new foundations will hold us in good stead for the future and the exciting developments we have planned.”

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