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Business as usual for BFRC following end of Brexit transition period

Jan 22, 2021, 12:34 PM by BFRC
Following the end of the Brexit transition period we can confirm our customers across the UK and Ireland can continue to use their BFRC licences as normal.
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BFRC is the UK’s most trusted ratings council with the most widely used rating system for proving energy performance and building regulations compliance in windows and doors.

We collaborate across the window and door industry with organisations big and small in both private and public sectors in the UK and Ireland to raise standards of performance. Recently our new Noise Reduction Rating scheme has been generating great interest across the industry.

BFRC licences unaffected by Brexit

Following the recent end to the Brexit transition period, we wish to reassure BFRC customers that nothing has changed for the BFRC scheme. Throughout the Brexit process, the BFRC scheme has continued to operate as normal and there has been no regulation impacting its products and licences.

We are pleased to confirm that following the end of the Brexit transition period this is still the case. Every BFRC customer in the UK and Ireland can continue to use their BFRC licences as normal and as they did prior to the UK leaving the European Union.

CE / UKCA / UKNI marking

The BFRC scheme is independent from CE / UKCA / UKNI marking, however customers need to be aware they can have the U-value of their energy rating assessed for product compliance.

This will need to be done by a suitable third party (an approved body for either CE marking in the EU or an approved body for UKCA/UKNI in the UK). The customers chosen body will be able to advise further on this.