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Deceuninck first major system house to join BFRC Noise Reduction Rating Scheme

Jan 25, 2021, 15:47 PM by BFRC
Deceuninck has become the industry's first major system house to sign up to our brand new Noise Reduction Ratings Scheme. MD Rob McGlennon explains why they decided to lead the way.
lady sitting by window bfrc noise reduction ratings

We are delighted to announce Deceuninck as the first major system house to join BFRC Noise Reduction Rating scheme. The scheme enables window and door systems houses and fabricators to demonstrate the acoustic performance of their products, much in the same way that our Energy Rating scheme allows easy comparison when it comes to thermal performance.

For many homeowners nowadays, noise reduction is as important as energy performance and in our discussions with Deceuninck it was clear they saw the huge benefits of signing up to a scheme that would measure the acoustic performance of their windows.

Managing director Rob McGlennon explained why Deceuninck decided to sign up to the scheme:

“Noise pollution is a growing problem. There is mounting medical evidence of the severe impact of prolonged noise on people’s health, with higher instances of dementia, heart disease and strokes. In lockdown there was a huge reduction in road traffic and it reminded us how peaceful life is without excess noise.

With the right tools and technical innovations the window industry can improve people’s homes and wellbeing. BFRC’s Noise Reduction Rating scheme is an important development in helping to cut the impact of noise pollution, and we are delighted to be the first systems company to join this scheme.”

The independently verified BFRC Noise Reduction Scheme can be used as a key selling point for all manufacturers. It empowers you to show customers how your windows and doors compare to the competition - to your benefit hopefully!

That's just how BFRC rainbow energy rating labels work too. All BFRC ratings provide an easy-to-understand system that make comparisons based on independent proof of product performance possible, and in turn show a commitment to customer satisfaction, guaranteeing the quality of the product purchased and ensuring your company stands out from the pack.

If you would like to follow Deceuninck’s lead and sign up to our Noise Reduction rating scheme, or would like to find out more, take a look at the Noise Reduction Rating page or contact us today.