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BFRC Recycling Scheme

Jun 10, 2021, 16:30 PM by Lis Clarke

Today BFRC have launched a brand new uPVC recycling scheme for its valued customers. A scheme where BFRC Approved Customers can have their used frames and off cuts collected for free.

Every BFRC Approved Customer that takes part in the scheme will also receive a certificate at the end of the year which records the amount of waste uPVC you’ve recycled via the scheme enabling you to show off your green credentials to all your customers.

The scheme itself couldn’t be easier to sign up to. Whenever you want your uPVC frames collecting simply log in to the BFRC members section, click on the BFRC Recycling logo and fill out the collection form.

From there, our recycling partners CNC will contact you to confirm a collection at a date, time and location that suits you best. It’s that easy. Please note the glass needs to have been removed prior to collection, we can only recycle the deglazed uPVC frames and off cuts.

The vast majority of uPVC collected throughout the course of the year will remain within the glazing industry and reduce the amount of virgin material required to make new products, making it a more sustainable sector for everyone concerned.

To find out more about the BFRC Recycling Scheme and to become a BFRC Approved Customer you can email us at or call us on 020 7403 9200.