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BFRC Noise Reduction Ratings for windows & doors

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Make some noise about acoustic performance

Windows and doors can play a vital role in reducing the level of noise entering a home, particularly for dwellings close to roads, railways or impacted by air traffic noise. With homes increasingly becoming peaceful retreats from a hectic outside world, making them quieter, more pleasant places to be can also improve wellbeing.

BFRC Noise Reduction Ratings let window & door system houses and manufacturers prove the acoustic performance of window and door products with the highly recognised BFRC ‘rainbow’ rating label. These easy to understand ratings empower installers and homeowners to compare products based on their noise reduction performance rather than simply on price.


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Noise reduction ratings for windows and doors

Reducing the levels of noise entering a home improves wellbeing and makes it a nicer place to live in. By using the well known BFRC 'rainbow' rating scale to demonstrate the noise reduction properties of your windows or doors, you can show consumers the quality of your products.

BFRC Noise Reduction Ratings are designed to:

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Provide a simple method of assessing the acoustic performance of competing window and door products.

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Clearly identify the best performing window or door as a whole system. 

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Allow comparison and selection of products based on independent assessment of acoustic performance rather than on manufacturers’ claimed values. 

Windows and doors are big ticket items and homeowners want to know what they’re buying will perform as promised. Now you can prove acoustic performance every single time.

Reassure your customers with expert advice and let the performance of your product sell itself.


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BFRC NRR label on window garden
BFRC Decibel Scale Noise reduction


The famous BFRC rainbow rating scale

The BFRC Noise Reduction Rating scheme lets you prove the acoustic performance of windows and doors using our highly recognised ‘rainbow’ rating label.

Our rainbow ratings are already renowned throughout the window and door industry thanks to BFRC Energy Performance ratings. Our Noise Reduction Rating label uses the same A++ to E rating scale so installers and consumers can easily compare product performance.


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Get your installers on board with Noise Reduction Ratings

Installers are an extension of your sales force. They’re right there interacting with the consumer, recommending your products… or ones made by your competitors.

Make it clear which is the right choice to recommend for their customers’ specific needs, by helping them focus on the noise reduction performance advantages of the products you manufacture – not just the price.


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BFRC Noise Reduction Window sample detailed label

Contact our team to learn more about BFRC Noise Reduction Ratings today

Independently verified BFRC Noise Reduction Ratings will be a huge selling point for your company, letting you prove the decibel reduction your windows and doors can provide.


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